We stand on earth
full height

among Allah’s creatures
head surrounded by

geese encircled by

gazing unwaveringly at
His central Light

the way the sun holds us all
in its spatial embrace

plants bursting into
Glory at our feet

in the doorway between

where unicorns nibble
on our hair and

nuzzle our eyebrows

Not a motion lost
nor a hair’s breadth of

breath expended
in the time-in without

time-out of our
mortal allotment

on this tightrope
we stand on

between here
where we are

to there
where we will be

where He is
and we are not

and all is perfect
and all is well

white noise in
this world

in the next

9/23/15 (from White Noise in This World Silver in the Next)

Categories: Poems, Akhira / Next World, Hajj